After being exposed to an enormous flood of knowledge from doctors, nutritionist and health professionals about the dangers of sugar consumption, I had to resort to mostly drinking water for over a year. I missed my coffee in the morning (can't tolerate black coffee). I missed my hot cocoa at night. I missed my flavored waters in the hot afternoons, but I could just not let anything with sugar into my body. I don't know if it was mostly psychological or not, but I could just not allow anything with sugar in it near my lips. It felt like I was about to ingest poison. What a great relief when I created King's Jamaican products where we finally developed and packaged an instant ready to drink coffee and cocoa powdered beverages that is sweetened with natural sweetener stevia. I could once again enjoy my favorite cup of coffee, cocoa or thirst-quenching flavored water. 

king's jamaican

The products are all natural, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Some are infused with medicinal nutraceuticals. The aim of King's Jamaican is to make it easier for our families and loved ones to avoid sugar and make healthier choices in the grocery aisle without compromising taste and label appeal.


-Alexander Archer

Founder & Owner