Why Quitting Sugar Will Be the Best Decision of Your Life

Why Quitting Sugar Will Be the Best Decision of Your Life
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Want a clearer mind? More energy? Or improved moods? 

It all starts with a breakup. 

No, I'm not talking about your functionable fanny pack or your service provider.

It’s time to cut ties with sugar.

If you're reading this, you already know processed sugar isn’t doing you any favors. We aren’t going to discuss the pros and cons of sugar today, last week’s s post ← insert blog post has all  those sweet  deets. Sugar’s negative effects are nobody’s friend. . 

But quitting sugar will be the best break up you’ve ever had!


Increased energy when eliminating sugar and sweeteners

Increased Energy

The pastries powdered and iced in the pretty display may seem like a great indulgence at the time. But an hour later it will rear its ugly head. 


Added sugars are simple carbohydrates. They enter your bloodstream quickly, giving you the energy of a five-year-old at a waterpark. Once the sugar leaves your system, it takes your energy with it, leaving you fatigued and less focused… possibly wanting to curl up in a ball for a nap, too.


Fight the urge to grab a sugary treat during your 3pm crash. Instead, reach for a slow-burning carb or protein. Whole grains, fruits, and our naturally sweetened coffee are great go-to’s for giving your body better fuel without the crash. 


Sugary baked goods in display case eliminate sugar temptation


Reduced Cravings

What’s your sweet craving? Is it a rich chocolatey cup of cocoa topped with whipped cream? Or maybe an iced macchiato with an extra pump of caramel… or two extra pumps? 

Foods with added sugars give you a rush of dopamine and it reinforces the urge to keep going back to your sweet guilty pleasures. Satisfying a craving acts as a reward system. The real reward is dropping sugar like the bad habit it is.

Next time you’re looking for a sweet fix without the added sugars, try our sweet creamy cocoa mixes. We won’t leave you feeling tired and frustrated. That’s not our style. 


Woman on rooftop clear mindset eliminate brain fog clarity

A Clearer Mind

Did you lock the door? Did you eat breakfast? ...better stop for a donut just in case. What was it you were supposed to pick up on the way home? 

Brain fog. It keeps us in a forgetful haze. But we don’t have to be lost and confused any more. 

Quitting sugar will not only clear your mind by decreasing inflammation to your brain, but will also lower your risk of depression. A 2019 study found that a high-sugar diet can cause neurological brain function changes, altered emotional states, and anxiety.

Mushroom coffees are a new and delicious way to keep your mind clear with the extra kick you need to get through the day. King’s Jamaican blend infuses chaga mushrooms to improve your brain health and clarity. 

Oh and you forgot to pick up the dog from the groomers. You’re welcome. 🐶


Increased mood friends hanging out socializing upbeat


Better Moods

After a bad day, where do we end up? If you guessed basking in the fridge light or staring into the pantry, you made it to the bonus round!

For decades sugar has been treated as a reward system. Were you a brave kiddo at the doctor’s office? You get a lollipop. Bad breakup? A tub of ice cream awaits. Cause for celebration? Bring on the cake. 

Eating added sugars is counterproductive for better moods. It actually fosters greater mood imbalances. 

Studies show that 80 percent of people who stopped eating sugar found that their mental health greatly improved. Scientists found that patients had decreased depression and anxiety, fewer mood swings, and clearer focus.

If you’re happy and you know it, throw away the donuts.


relaxed woman on the beach free from inflammation


Less Inflammation

We can’t see inflammation, but we feel it everyday. When we wake up stiff or feel tired after small activities, that’s inflammation. Rest easy, my friend, this probably isn't from the number of candles on your last birthday cake. It’s the cake itself. 

Day after day, our bodies are bombarded with high levels of processed sugars which build up in our system. Our bodies automatically recognize added sugars as a toxin and bring in reinforcements. Our bodies ultimately lose the war and we are left with chronic inflammation. The end game with chronic inflammation is headaches, food allergies, and chronic joint pain. 

Nearly 125 million Americans suffer from chronic inflammation, linking them to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and arthritis. A life without added sugar can reduce the risk of these hindering diseases.

Giving up sugar gives your body a much needed break from inflammation. This lifestyle change will improve the way we feel now, and overtime as we age.


Woman outdoors with healthy and glowing skin cutting back sugar protein bar

Healthy Skin 

We’ve covered many internal health benefits of eliminating sugar. But what about the outward rewards? Another perk of the no-sugar diet is clearer and younger looking skin.

Ditching your morning donut won’t turn back the clock 30 years, but it will reduce acne and give your skin more elasticity. Inflammation from sugar leaves us more prone to acne. This is probably why we were always told as teenagers that candy bars would give us pimples. Or, our parents just wanted it for themselves…

Sugar creates an unhealthy bond to the proteins which produce collagen. It doesn't stop here, it then reduces your skin's elasticity and causes more wrinkles. Switching to a sugar-free collagen such as King’s Jamaican can give you the best of both worlds – a naturally sweetened collagen that leaves your skin with a healthy glow. 


Sugar free diet woman cooking in kitchen


Weight Loss

“I can eat all the sugar I want and not gain a pound!”  said nobody ever. 

It’s all fun and games until we get on the scale. 

Like a vicious cycle, sugar increases our insulin levels, then slows down our metabolism and converts it into belly fat. These fat cells travel to your organs and blood vessels. They don’t come empty-handed either. They bring their good buddy, inflammation. 

Switching to a sugar free diet will reduce your stubborn belly fat and the dangerous conditions that come with it.


Fruit smoothies natural sweeteners


Sugar is an empty calorie. It contributes nothing to your relationship. 

No nutrition. No health benefits. Only a short-term release of dopamine which is quickly replaced by fatigue and mood swings. 

Can we say toxic?

So you’ve decided to dump that loser sugar? Snaps to you. You won’t regret it. 

The pastry at the market or cupcakes at the party won’t make you feel nostalgic. But instead, relieved that you chose a different lifestyle. 

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-King’s Jamaican

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